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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

This is the start page for the Astronomy class at Arapahoe High School. We will be adding pages to this wiki through out the year.



Remember as you and your classmates are adding items to this site that it is "live" on the Internet. There might be other people, outside of the class, who are reading what you have to say. Please make sure that the items you add or change are completed in a professional manner.


Find the astronomer that you have been assigned to write about and goto that page:


1. Aristotle

2. Claudius Ptolemy

3. Nicholas Copernicus

4. Galileo Galilei

5. Tycho Brahe

6. Johannes Kepler

7. Isaac Newton new


The next topic that we are going to look at is radiation. While a lot of people might think that radiation is a bad thing there are some good portions to the electromagnetic spectrum. As you look through this topic please keep in mind that we are trying to find out how and why this topic is helpful to the study of astronomy.


1. Radiation

2. Electromagnetic Radiation

3. The Spectrum

4. Properties of a Wave

5. Blackbody Curve

6. Wein's and Stefan's Laws

7. The Doppler Effect



Please remember that "this is not education as usual." That means there might be problems along the way. I am as new to this as you are and we will all need to be patient. I am a learner right along side you.


1. Inertia, mass, force and acceleration

2. Force and Mass

3. Models of the Solar System

4. Rocket Ship


Students were asked to prepare a presentation based on the beginning of a stars lifecycle. See some examples below.

1. Birth of a Star

2. Stellar Birth

3. Lifecycle of a Star

4. Stages of a star.pps

5. Stars Lifecylce.pps

6. Star Birth.pps

7. Stellar Birth.pps

8. Stellar Birth 2.pps



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